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CheckeredFlag2013 3/4 Scale Latemodel Rules:

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I. General:
  1. All cars must have a wrecker hookup cable on the front of the car.
  2. No communication systems permitted electronic (radios) or otherwise (pit boards).
  3. Drivers must wear a flame retardant uniform, shoes and gloves.
  4. Drivers must sear a Snell SA/K2005 (at a minimum) approved helmet.
  5. Cars should have a fire extinguisher mounted within drivers reach (not required).
  6. Window nets are highly recommended.
  7. Mirrors are not permitted.
  8. Computer controlled suspension are prohibited.
  9. Traction control not permitted.

II. Engine:

  1. Four (4) cylinder factory stock specification engine only.
  2. Engine displacement not to exceed 1400cc.
  3. All engines must be natural aspirated.
  4. One (1) spark plug per cylinder maximum.
  5. Four (4) valves per cylinder maximum.
  6. Stock factory injection systems only - no alterations.
  7. Cylinder bore size increase permitted.
  8. Heater permitted - muffler required.
  9. No titanium crankshafts, connecting rods.
  10. Rear most of engine may not sit further back than the front of the cockpit.
  11. Fuel management, power commander and oil pump modifications are permitted.
  12. Traction control devices are not permitted.
  13. Remote control engine components are not permitted.

III. Fuel:

  1. Gasoline or alcohol permitted.
  2. Nitrous oxide, nitro-methane, propylene oxide or oxygenated fuels will not be permitted.
  3. Fuel lines not permitted to pass through the driver compartment.
  4. Only one (1) fuel pump and one (1) fuel regulator permitted and must be mounted at the tank.

IV. Battery and Starter:

  1. All cars must be electric starting.
  2. Battery must not be located in the driver compartment.
  3. Steel battery box must be secured with two horizontal mounts and one vertical mount (no plastic boxes).
  4. Battery disconnect switch must be located within the drivers reach.

V. Transmission - Drivershaft - Rear Axle:

  1. Multi piece single driveshaft permitted.
  2. Rear wheel drive cars only - no front wheel drive - no four wheel drive.
  3. Carrier bearings permitted (safety).
  4. Drivershaft safety loop located adjacent to the drivers compartment required.
  5. Transmission must be of stock Suzuki factory design.
  6. Transmission must be integral to the engine.
  7. All cars must have a functioning clutch.
  8. Quick change rear end permitted.
  9. Live axle rear ends are not permitted.
  10. Independent rear suspensions are not permitted - solid axle rears only.

VI. Tires and Wheels:

  1. Aluminum or steel rims only.
  2. 10 inch maximum wheel width.
  3. Any brand tires permitted.
  4. Any compound permitted.
  5. Chemically altered tires are not permitted.
  6. 78" maximum tire circumference.
  7. All wheel studs must have lug nuts installed.
  8. No knock-off wheels, stud type with lug nuts only.

VII. Suspension:

  1. No straight front axles.
  2. Any brand shocks permitted.
  3. Steel or aluminum shocks permitted.
  4. Adjustable shocks permitted.
  5. Coil-over shock/spring arrangements permitted.
  6. No computed controlled suspension components.
  7. No titanium suspension/chassis components permitted.

VIII. Brakes:

  1. Hydraulic brake system required - no mechanical brake systems.
  2. Must have four (4) wheel braking system.
  3. Disc brake systems only - no drum brake systems.
  4. Right front electric shut off permitted.
  5. Steel rotors only - no titanium or carbon fiber rotors permitted.

IX. Bodies:

  1. Late Model type, full bodied cars only.  On wedge bodies.
  2. All body panels must be solid - no holes, gaps, slots or louvers.
  3. 36" Front fender and door height.
  4. 36" maximum rear quarter panel length measured from the center line of the rear.
  5. 2" minimum ground clearance.
  6. Rear deck not to extend beyond quarter panel.
  7. Top to bottom of quarter panel must extend to the rear of the deck.
  8. No ridges, fins or raised edges with the exception of bead rolls.
  9. 38" maximum deck height at all points.
  10. Fenders and hood must be level with the ground and level from side to side.
  11. Quarter panels not to extend above the deck.
  12. Deck must extend between both quarter panels.
  13. Quarter panels and doors may not be concave or convex.
  14. Skirting may not extend beyond the quarter panels.
  15. 62" maximum body width measured at the top of the deck.
  16. 72" maximum body width at the bottom of the doors measured at the center of the car.
  17. 65" maximum width at the rear of the quarter panels - bottom to top.
  18. No sharp or jagged edges or outward facing fasteners.
  19. No wings or tunnels permitted under the body.
  20. Aluminum or Lexan type spoilers permitted.
  21. Spoiler height 8" maximum and spoiler width 60" maximum.  Spoiler may not be suspended.
  22. Maximum three (3) spoilers supports - One each side and One in the center.
  23. Side spoilers must be mounted at the rear of the deck and be flush with the quarter panel.
  24. Spoiler sides must taper downward evenly from rear towards front.
  25. Maximum spoiler side length 18" at base 22" maximum overall and maximum spoiler height 8".
  26. Spoiler and side spoilers must be mounted at the rear of and on the deck.
  27. One (1) additional 1" wide open spoiler brace is permitted.
  28. No driver adjustable spoilers.
  29. No other spoiler or wings.
  30. Nose pieces to be manufactured molded plastic only.
  31. 15" minimum nose piece from bottom of nose piece to start of sheet metal.
  32. 48" maximum nose piece extension measured from center of front hub.
  33. 36" maximum fender height.
  34. Plastic front fender flares must be molded manufactured plastic only.
  35. Plastic fender flares can extend beyond body side two (2) inches.
  36. Plastic fender flares may extend above the fender top three (3) inches.
  37. 38" Minimum roof length and 38" minimum roof width.
  38. 40" maximum roof length and 40" minimum roof width.
  39. 47" minimum roof height measured measured from ground.
  40. 50" maximum roof height measured from ground.
  41. Roof must be mounted near the center of the car.
  42. Roof line and side window contours must be stock appearing.
  43. Rear and front roof supports are mandatory.
  44. Roof may contain up to (2) 0.500 high molded supports.
  45. Rear roof supports must taper downward from outside edge of roof to the deck.
  46. Rear roof support bow-out two (2) inch maximum.
  47. Rear roof support width measured at the top 13" maximum and 10" minimum.
  48. Rear roof support panel width measured at the bottom 32" maximum and 25" minimum.
  49. Rear roof support side panel must be a minimum of 10" high.
  50. Rear window may be solid or open no more the 40%.
  51. Front roof support panels must match and rear support panels must match.
  52. Front roof posts must extend forward to the rear of the hood.
  53. Front roof support may not exceed two (2) inches along length of support.
  54. Front roof support base may not exceed nine (9) inch.
  55. Two (2) inch maximum roll down permitted along the rear to front of roof.
  56. Cockpit must cover driver area completely with no openings.
  57. Belly pans not permitted.  Oil pan skid plate is permitted.
  58. Wings, tunnels or are deflectors of any type are not permitted under the decking.
  59. Air cleaner scoop no to exceed one (1) inch away from the air cleaner at any point.
  60. Cooling holes in nose permitted.  No other nose panel modifications.
  61. Door to door measurement must not exceed 66" inches at the top of the doors.
  62. Door to door measurement must not exceed 72" inches at the bottom center of the door.
  63. Door may not exceed 36" inches in height when measured from the ground to the top of the door.
  64. Doors may not break inward.
  65. Quarter panels must not exceed 46" inches from the center line of the rear hub to the furthest top point of quarter.
  66. Quarter panels must not exceed 40" inches from the center line of the hub straight back to rear of quarter.
  67. Rear width from quarter to quarter must not exceed 65" inches at any location.
  68. Maximum height from ground to top of quarter must not exceed 39" inches.
  69. Minimum of two (2) inches of clearance between tire and body required.

X. Chassis:

  1. Full tubing magnetic steel frame cars only.
  2. Wheelbase must be 80" minimum.
  3. Wheelbase must be 82" maximum.
  4. All main frame rails to be constructed of a minimum of 1.500 inch round tube.
  5. All main frame material to be a minimum of 0.063" material thickness.
  6. All main frame material must be 4130 chrome-moly or DOM.
  7. No holes may be cut into main frame rails.
  8. All other chassis driver cage material should be 1.250" diameter and minimum 0.063" thick.
  9. All cars must have a horizontal driver cage safety bar (NASCAR bar).
  10. Rear bumper and fuel dell safety loop required.
  11. Rear bumper must be at least as wide as the frame rails.
  12. No external rub rails.
  13. Bumper to be rounded and directed toward the front of the car.
  14. Fuel cell safety loop must extend to at least the bottom of the fuel cell.

XI. Fuel Cell:

  1. Fuel cell container must be constructed of minimum 20 gauge steel or 0.060" aluminum.
  2. Fuel cell must be mounted in a minimum of two (2) 2" x 0.125" thick steel straps around entire cell.
  3. Square tube (0.750) constructed frame twice around entire cell will be permitted.
  4. Fuel cell frame must be constructed of steel only.
  5. Minimum of four (4) 7/16" bolts to secure fuel cell frame to chassis (weight clamps okay).
  6. Fuel cell pickup tube to be located at the top of the cell, no side exit pickup tube.
  7. Fuel dell must be a minimum of four (4) inches in front of the rear bumper safety loop.
  8. Car number decal (6") must be displayed on the rear of the fuel cell.
  9. Fuel cell must be located behind the driver compartment.
  10. Fuel cell must be located behind the center line of the rear axle and between the rear tires.
  11. Fuel cell may not be mounted lower than the rear bumper safety loop.

XII. Role Cage:

  1. 4 post design to be constructed of a minimum of 1.500" x 0.065" material thickness minimum.
  2. Roll cage to have a minimum of three (3) horizontal driver side cage bars.
  3. Roll cage to have a minimum of two (2) horizontal passenger side cage bars.
  4. Door bars should be a minimum 1.250 x 0.065".
  5. Both doors to remain unblocked by cage bars.
  6. Front window bars are required.
  7. Roll cage to extend forward to protect the foot box area of the driver.
  8. All cage tubing to be fully welded - no partial weld chassis - no bolt together chassis.
  9. All roll cage material must be magnetic.

XIII. Weight - Ballast:

  1. Total weight of the car with driver after any race must be a minimum of 1350 lbs.
  2. No fuel burn off weight break.
  3. All ballast must be secured with two (2) 0.500" grade 5 bolt minimum.
  4. All ballast must be attached below the body decking.
  5. Any car that loses any weight / ballast will be subject to penalty.
  6. All ballast must be positioned within the main frame rails.
  7. Solid ballast only, no pellet or liquid type ballast.
  8. Driver controlled weight adjustment is not permitted.

XIV. Seat - Belts:

  1. Driver seat must be aluminum or carbon fiber and designed specifically for racing.
  2. Seat must be located left of the center of the car and attached to the frame of the car.
  3. Full containment recommended but not required.
  4. Steering wheel must be equipped with a quick release.
  5. All ignition and battery controlled switches must be within reach of the driver.
  6. Five (5) point seat belt mounting with quick disconnect required.
  7. Seat belt dating must not exceed five (5) years old.
  8. Wire mesh rock guard screens permitted and must be a minimum of 0.090 thick and securely fastened.

XV. Decals:

  1. Numbers must be a maximum of three (3) digits and one letter.
  2. No fractional numbers.
  3. Numbers must be at least 18" high.
  4. Number graphic material must be a minimum of two (2) inches wide.
  5. Numbers must be on both sides of the car and on the roof.
  6. All numbers must be visible and legible.
  7. Number must be located on the right front of the nose and be 4 x 4 minimum.

MISCELLANEOUS:     If you have questions about your car qualifying for these rules, any driver or pit crew member has till 7:00pm to ask tech inspector to check their car.

All drivers under the age of 18 MUST have signed waver by parent or guardian, Notarized.



The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for events.  The rules shall govern the conduct of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.  No expressed or implied warranty to safety shall result for publication or compliance with these rules and/or regulations.  They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury to the participant, spectator, or official.  The race director shall be empowered to permit deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.  No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specification.  Any interpretation of these rules is left to the discrepancies of the officials.  Their decisions are final.

Anyone causing disturbance at the track such as fighting, blocking the track, etc., will be subject to 1 or 2 week suspension or a fine of $300.00 or both.  They will also be responsible for all physical or property damage from such disturbance to himself or others.  A fine of $300.00 levied and paid before person(s) will be allowed on MARION CENTER SPEEDWAY premises.  Fine payment will be added to the point fund.  The track officials will govern disturbance on a case-by-case basis.

No dogs will be permitted into the pits unless they are service animals only.