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1. General Rules
2. Late Model Rules
3. Steel-Blk Limited Late Model Rules
4. Crate Late Model Rules
5. Street Stock Rules
6. Strictly Stock Rules
7. Payout all divisions:

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Marion Center Speedway

"The Thrill On The Hill"
484 Potts Road, Marion Center, PA 15759
Phone (724)397-2718

Saturday Night Racing at 7:30PM

CheckeredFlag2014 General Rules:

Marion Center Speedway is on private property.  Spectators and/or participants are welcome to attend activities at the Speedway for entertainment purposes,  but the Speedway reserves the right to remove person or persons causing disturbances or interference with the entertainment program on said property.

  1. All drivers are required to have operating "raceivers" in proper working condition, channeled to the track's frequency, with fresh batteries.
  2. Mandatory for every division.  You must have one.  Every car will be routinely checked for one.  Make sure you have batteries.
  1. All drivers must wear their helmets any time they are in the car and on the track.
  2. No intoxicating beverages or drugs will be permitted.  Officials can check your trailer, car, etc. at any time.  Violators will be suspended.  Drivers are responsible for their pit crew members and their family.  Anyone driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be disqualified.
  3. No money will be paid and No points will be given if rules are violated.
  4. No smoking during any warm up period, event, or competition while in car.
  5. No repairs done on the track that will delay the race program.  SPEEDWAY STAFF will make minor adjustments to cars such as pull metal from tires, etc., that can be corrected quickly.
  6. No more than one (1) person in the car while it is on the track.
  7. NO ONE will be permitted on the track during a racing event, ONLY on the winner's circle.
  8. The only cars that will be permitted in the infield will be tow trucks, push vehicles, and emergency equipment.
  9. The track officials have the authority to inspect any portion of a car subject to rule specifications for that division.
  10. If you have questions about your car qualifying for your division rules, any driver or pit crew member has till 7:00pm to ask tech inspector to check their car.
  11. Any and all decisions of the Tech committee as to a car being legal or illegal are final.
  12. ALL CARS MUST HAVE TOW HOOK AND/OR CABLE accessible by the track assistance staff.  Failure to have two hook/cable will result in a $25.00 fine off the pay at the end of the night.
  13. Drivers must be 18 years of age.  Drivers under 18 years of age must have parent's written and notarized consent, (Insurance Requirement), and parent(s) will be responsible for that individual.
  14. All that enter the pit area must sigh a track release.
  15. At every race, any driver, owner, or pit crew member failing to register their name, and address will be barred from the events at the speedway for the night.  (This is compulsory for insurance purposes and your safety.)
  16. Should a meeting of car owners, drivers, and pit crew be called prior to an event, all entries will present themselves without delay.
  17. Cars must be able to pass safety check at all times.  Cars will be inspected.  Any car refusing inspection will not run.
  18. Any mechanical defect endangering other drivers such as gas tank leaking, obstructed windshields, dragging bumpers, open doors or hoods, bent axle or tie rods, bent wheels, or any other defect will be sent to the pits.
  19. Any car told to leave the track, by Track Officials, must do so or be subject to suspension.
  21. If race is stopped during 1st lap, cars will return to their original starting positions and the cars involved in bring out the caution or red flag will be sent to the rear.
  22. Cars will keep running at a slow pace on restart with all drivers holding positions.
  23. Cars may go into pits during restart BUT will go to the rear of the field on restart.  Any car failing to go to the rear will be penalized one (1) lap.
  25. Division causing most cautions will run their feature event the following week last.
  26. Cars causing either the yellow or red flag to be displayed will go to the rear of the line-up.
  27. Any car that pushes a tire from the infield onto the race track drawing a caution will be sent to the rear of the field.
  28. You MUST make three (3) "racing laps (up to speed)", under green, to be considered that you started the race to be eligible for points and "show money".
  29. On line-ups for a restart, a driver can be told twice (2 laps) where he is to go, if after two attempts (2laps) the driver does not go into position, he will go to the rear of the field.
  30. When the flagman gives a car the black flag, that car must pull into the pits or infield.  Any car refusing to do so will be subject to suspension.  This means go to the pits or infield whether in first or last position.  There will be no excuses for not doing so.
  31. Driver MUST exercise caution when pulling into and out of PIT AREA.
  32. Anyone with a car that caused delay in the running of any event by refusing to obey Track Officials makes that car and those with subject to suspension.
  33. When there is an emergency, NO ONE will be permitted on the track except officials, emergency equipment and personnel.
  34. When a race is just about completed and there is a wreck or spin out, the Track Officials may keep the race running if they decide no one is in danger.
  35. Any driver or car suspended for any reason loses all money coming to them for that night's event.
  36. Feature event will be limited to 25 cars or at the discretion of the promoter.
  37. Number of cars in starting line-ups for all heat races will be at the discretion of the Pit Stewart.
  38. Any car arriving at the track after line-ups are made, and before last heat race, will be tagged on to the rear.   Note:  THERE WILL BE NO TAGGING ON TO THE REAR OF THE FIELD AFTER LAST HEAT RACE FOR THE NIGHT, AFFECTIVE AUGUST 11, 2013. Any questions call Rich at (724)388-6462.
  39. Any car with a flat tire or lost wheel MUST pull off track immediately or be disqualified for the rest of the event.  We will NOT ALLOW any track damages.
  40. Points will be kept on CAR NUMBER ONLY.
  41. When a car's number is registered in the pits,  That car can run ONLY that number that night.
  42. Anyone being injured at the track will report to First Aid Man and Track Officials before leaving track.  ALL injuries will be made a record of to the insurance company within 24 hours.
  43. NO ONE will be permitted to enter the announcer's booth during the race event.  Entry will be permitted after ALL races are completed.
  44. The Pit Stewart is in complete charge of the pits.  Flagman and Safety Men are in complete charge of the track.  EXCEPTIONS:  The Safety Inspector is empowered to permit minor deviation(s) from any of the specifications herein set forth in his opinion the safety factor is not lowered.
  45. The officials who make call on who will go to the rear, will call all cars involved in a spin out.
  46. By signing pit release, you grant Marion Center Speedway permission to use your name and/or picture in any manner for advertising, videotapes, press releases or other public relations without further compensation.


  1. Unnecessary rough or reckless driving on part of any competitor.
  2. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  3. No unsportsmanlike conduct will be allowed, and subject to disqualification.
  4. Any profanity, whether verbal or gestured, will be tolerated.
  5. No roughness on or around the track will be tolerated.
  6. Anyone leaving their pit area and goes to another's pit area and causes a disturbance such as fighting, punching, shoving, etc., will be disqualified.
  7. Failure of observe flags or Flagman or any other Track Official will result in disqualification.
  8. ANY DRIVER that pulls into the infield of the racetrack, and the caution DOES NOT come out, and then pulls onto the race track to draw the caution will be disqualified from the race and sent to the pits.
  9. No parking of cars on track or running cars in opposite direction during race.
  10. Any car to be found illegal will not receive any money or points for race event.
  11. Anyone deliberately blocking track is automatically barred from the track for one (1) year.
  12. Offending person(s) will be disqualified and sent off the track and/or sent home.  This applies to drivers, pit crew members, and all other associated with that car.
  13. Any person(s) causing disturbance at the track, such as fighting, blocking the track, striking, dissension in pits or grounds, etc., over purse or entertainment program will be subject to one or more of the following: (a) 1 or 2 week suspension, (b) $300.00 fine, (c) loss of points and winnings besides the disqualification for the night.  They will be responsible for all physical or property damage from such disturbance to himself and other.  Track Officials will govern incidents on a case-by-case basis.
  14. Person(s) fined $300.00 will be barred from track until said fine is paid.  All fine payments will be added to the point fund.


  • GREEN FLAG                    : GO
  • RED FLAG                         : STOP
  • YELLOW FLAG                : CAUTION
  • WHITE FLAG                    : 1 LAP TO COMPLETE RACE EVENT
  • BLACK FLAG                   : DISQUALIFIED


All cars must stop at a designated area determined ahead of time by the Track Officials upon entering and exiting the pits from the race track while a race is in progress.  When leaving the race track to the pits,  all cars must stop in an area near the back (pit side) of the water tank.  If and when the area is clear for the car to proceed to the pit area for that car, it may proceed with caution, at a safe speed into the pit.  At the conclusion of a race, when all cars will be leaving the track at the same time, the cars do not need to stop - BUT must proceed through the pits in a safe manner at a slow speed.  When a car is returning to the race track after a pit stop, a Track Official will be at the pit gate/track entrance, and the car must stop for the official.  The Track Official will determine when the track is safe for the car to proceed onto the racetrack.  Cars may re-enter a feature race ONLY under caution (YELLOW) flag.  NO re-entry under GREEN!  If it is determined that a car was speeding through the pits, it may be held for a period of time as a penalty for speeding through the pits.  If the car ignores the Track Official and does not stop upon re-entering the racetrack or exiting the track for a pit stop, The Flag-person will be notified and the car will be disqualified from the racing event.

  1. A lap will count when the lead car plus one (1) crosses the finish line as determined by the scorer(s).
  2. All cars that cross the finish line before a caution flag is thrown will be lined up in the order they crossed the finished line as determined by the scorer(s), and all cars that crossed the finished line after the caution is displayed will be lined up in the order in which they crossed the finished line on the previous lap under green.
  3. Cars involved with, or causing the caution will be penalized by being lined up at the rear of the pack for the restart, and any car that entered the pit and are returning to the racetrack will go behind those involved in the caution.

POST RACE:     After the feature, all cars MUST take one cool down lap.  After completing the cool down lap, the winner will be the 1st car to cross the scales.  ALL CARS MUST CROSS THE SCALES UNLESS UNABLE TO DO SO AS BEING TOWED OFF THE TRACK.

Rain Cancellation Prior To Event:
In the event of a rain cancellation for a Saturday night racing event,  the racing program will be rescheduled (Rain Dated) to Sunday (the next day unless otherwise noted, weather permitting) with a modified schedule:  Racing will start at 6:30pm, pit gates will open at 4:30pm, and the grandstand will open at 5:00pm.

Rain Cancellation Before The Completion Of Heat Races:
In the event of a rain cancellation before the completion of the heat races, the racing program will be rescheduled  (Rain Dated) for the following weekend on Sunday, weather permitting (unless otherwise noted) with a modified schedule:  Racing will start at 6:30pm, pit gates will open at 4:30pm, and the grandstand will open at 5:00pm.

Rain Cancellation After The Completion Of The Heat Races:
The show will be considered complete and remaining features will be rescheduled for makeup at the discretion of the management.

Cancellation during racing (Heat or Feature) event:
If 1/2 or more of a heat/feature race is completed before that race is called off due to weather conditions (rain, fog), it will be considered a completed racing event.  If the race does not reach the 1/2 point, it will be considered a non-race (it didn't happen) and be ran with the following week racing program, unless otherwise noted.
If the weather is threatening rain or storms, pictures after feature races may be moved to a safe area in the pits, or not taken at all to help keep the program moving as quickly as possible.



  1. The top ten positions will be posted on the blackboard in the pits immediately following the feature.  You have 10 minutes to check your position.  If no protest is made, pay-off will be made as posted.  If you have a protest or question, tell Pit Stewart you have questions over posted positions, and the pay-off will be held for your division until all races  are completed and scorers are free to discuss the problem.
  2. Only the driver of a race car that has taken the green in the race that there is a question and/or complaint about may register that complaint with the Pit Stewart in a calm and respectful manner within the 10 minutes after the conclusion of the race.
  3. If the complaint needs to be brought to the scorers, or another track official(s) that is still involved with the execution of the racing program for the night, that complaint will have to wait until such time the necessary people are available without disrupting the ongoing racing program.  This may mean waiting until all races have been finalized for the night.
  4. NO one will be admitted to the judge's booth or announcer booth until the racing program is completed.
  5. No one else except the driver may register a complaint to the officials.  If they do, they will be asked to leave the premises.
  6. The track officials may use what ever means necessary to remove problem people from the premises.
  7. Any driver not showing proper respect to the Track Officials, owners, or other support staff can be asked to leave the premises.  Further continual disrespect may be grounds for the car with that person(s), and/or its driver to forfeit all points and be banned from racing at the facility until all fines are paid and the owners are satisfied that the guilty party will act respectfully to all officials.