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Marion Center Speedway
"The Thrill On The Hill"

484 Potts Road, Marion Center PA 15759
Phone: (724)397-2718
Saturday Night Racing at 7:30PM

CheckeredFlag2013 Spectator Drag:

Rules & Regulations for Spectator Drags:

Marion Center Speedway is not responsible for any damages to vehicles, and or injury to participant, spectator, or official.  Rules and requirements are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing event and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such event.  No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from set rules and regulations.  They are intended as a guide for conduct of racing event and are in no way a guarantee against injury, and/or damages to participant, spectator, official or property. 

All Participants will sign a release form and pay a $5.00 entry fee before being permitted on the track.  (Participant run at your own risk!)

All participants are required to have:
  1. Valid Driver's License
  2. Valid Owner's Card
  3. Valid Insurance Card
  4. Approved Racing type Helmet
  5. Working and approved seatbelts
  6. Car MUST be legal for on road/highway driving
  7. Working brakes
  8. Vehicles well be approved by a appointed track official to be able to participate in racing event.

Races will be single elimination and Championship Night will be double elimination.
Trophy plus $25.00 gift card to the 1st place winner.


Cut along dotted line and mail to Marion Center Speedway

Registration Form for Spectator Drags:

1. Name:______________________________________________________________________________________

2. Address:____________________________________________________________________________________


3. Phone Number: Home (______)______-________     Cell (______)______-________

4. Make & Model of Vehicle (Cars & Trucks ONLY):_________________________________________________

By signing registration form participant agrees to conduct him/her self in an orderly and sportsman like conduct, and will comply to all rules and regulations set by Marion Center Speedway and/or Track Official:

Sign Here:_____________________________________________________________________________________

Mail registration form to: Marion Center Speedway, 484 Potts Road, Marion Center, PA 15759