Track Information:

Weather Policy:

Rain Cancellation Prior To Event:
In the event of a rain cancellation for a Saturday night racing event, the racing program will be rescheduled (Rain Dated) to Sunday (the next day unless otherwise noted, weather permitting) with a modified schedule: Racing will start at 6:30pm, pit gates will open at 4:30pm, and the grandstand will open at 5:00pm.

Rain Cancellation Before The Completion Of Heat Races:
In the event of a rain cancellation before the completion of the heat races, the racing program will be rescheduled (Rain Dated) for the following weekend on Sunday, weather permitting (unless otherwise noted) with a modified schedule: Racing will start at 6:30pm, pit gates will open at 4:30pm, and the grandstand will open at 5:00pm.

Rain Cancellation After The Completion Of The Heat Races:
The show will be considered complete and remaining features will be rescheduled for makeup at the discretion of the management.

Cancellation during racing (Heat or Feature) event:
If 1/2 or more of a heat/feature race is completed before that race is called off due to weather conditions (rain, fog), it will be considered a completed racing event. If the race does not reach the 1/2 point, it will be considered a non-race (it didn't happen) and be ran with the following week racing program, unless otherwise noted.

If the weather is threatening rain or storms, pictures after feature races may be moved to a safe area in the pits, or not taken at all to help keep the program moving as quickly as possible.
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For questions or track information call:
(724)388-6212 or (724)388-6462.

Regular Racing Program  Price:
Pit Fee: $ 25.00 
Adults  $ 12.00
Seniors  $ 11.00
Kids 7-12  $  5.00
Kids 6 & Under  FREE
Family Pass (2 Adults & 2 Kids (7-12))  $ 30.00

Gates Open:  Time:
Grandstand 6:00 pm 
Pits  5:30 pm
Race Time:  
Racing Starts At:  7:30 pm
For practice information and to schedule a time to practice (Tuesday thru Thursday) pleases call: (724)388-6212 or (724)388-6462. To use the track for practice during the week for two(2) or more cars price is $100.00 per car. To use the track for practice during the week for one(1) car ONLY price is $200.00.
Reserve Parking In Pits: Parking in pits can be reserved for a fee of $125.00 for the race season. (This is for Regular Racing Shows ONLY). Reserved sign are provided by and are the property of MCS. For more information call: (724)388-6212.
In all Kid Bike Races, participants are required to wear a helmet.

All Championship Races will be NON-POINT LINE.
Racing Divisions:
Super Late Models
Steel-Blk. Limited Late Models
Crate Late Models
Street Stocks
Strictly Stocks
FWD Cylinders
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General Rules
Late Model Rules
Steel-Blk. Late Model Rules
Crate Late Model Rules
Street Stock Rules
Strictly Stock Rules
FWD 6-Cylinder Rules
Rules for 2015:
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Home Page News: keep up on what is happening at MCS, plus Photo Gallery, Map & Direstions. 
History and other info. on MCS.
Find phone numbers to contact MCS (questions, rain out info., practice days/time, and sponsorship at MC'S). 
Admission, Race Time, Gates Open, Rain-out policy, Map/Directions, & racing divisions can be found here. 
Complete racing event schedule @ MCS.
Rules for all divisions: Super Late Model, Steel-Blk. Limited Late Model, Crate Late Model, Street Stock, Strictly Stock, & FWD 6-Cylinder.  
Point standing  (All Divisions) as of last completed racing event. 
Racing results from last completed racing event can be found here. 
All Special Events at MCS will have increased admission price
Complimentary Passes are NOT valid for Special Events.
Click on image above for local weather conditions & forecast.

Rain Check Policy:

If all heat races are completed and the racing event must be cancelled for the night due to weather conditions, that racing event will be considered complete and NO rain checks will be honored.  The rained out features for that night will be rescheduled for makeup at the discretion of the management.

If all heat races are NOT completed, then rain checks will be honored. Like other facilities, we cannot offer cash refunds (NO Refunds will be given); however, you may use your rain check for one of the next two racing events at MCS at face value.  If a special event is scheduled, with in the two week time limit, the rain check can be used as long as the difference in admission between regular race night program and special event price is paid.

The possibility of a rainout or circumstances beyond our control that causes a cancellation to an event is the risk you assume every time you enter the track. 

"The Thrill On The Hill"

484 Marion Center, PA 15759
Phone: (724)388-6212
Race Day Phone: (724)397-2108

Racing Saturday Night at 7:30PM
Web Gallery:
  1. Pill pull for starting position
  2. Pill one pairs with pill two......pill three pairs with pill four etc.
  3. Fair starts on the green, race for two(2) laps.
  4. Two(2) jumped starts is a DQ.
  5. Winner goes to infield, looser leaves the track.
  6. Winner of the first race is paired with the winner of the second race.
  7. Last race is five(5) laps.
Dave & Belle "Thrill On The Hill" Dash:
The Dash finish will be the starting positions for the feature event.
To Qualify for Position in Dash:
If we have 2 Heats......Top 3 cars to Dash.
If we have 3 Heats......Top 2 cars to Dash.
If we have 4 Heats......Top (1st) car in each Heat to Dash, and top 2 places in consy to Dash.
Payoff for Dash is:
     1.   $200.00
     2.   $100.00
     3.   $  50.00
     4.   $  50.00
     5.   $  50.00
     6.   $  50.00
Blue Flag: Leaders approaching, slower car hold their line.
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